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As the weather begins to warm up, we’re not the only ones becoming more active. Now is the time when we start to see all sorts of critters coming back into our lives: indoors at home and outside at work and play, including our own cats and dogs but also spiders, mosquitos, bees and wasps, ticks, fleas, bed bugs, scabies and many more. When we get bit or stung by one of these creatures, there are some signs and symptoms to look out for.

Redness surrounding the affected area is the most common, followed by itching, swelling, and mild pain as the body tries to decrease the effects of the irritation from the saliva of the biting/stinging creature. Infection is a possibility from a bite or sting. In general, if there is an infection it will present as red, warm, swollen, tender to the touch, and may or may not have discharge or drainage from the site of the bite or sting. There can also be fever, chills, sweats, body aches, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

There can be complications from the different bites and stings that require medical treatment. All cat or dog bites or scratches need to get treated with antibiotics because of the amount of bacteria in their mouths or on their claws. Ticks need to be properly removed so that there is no residual irritation and possibly treated if infected by disease. Scabies and fleas need to be treated to get rid of an outbreak with over the counter or prescription formulas. Scabies, fleas and bed bugs also need a thorough cleaning of clothes, bedding and towels. Bees, wasps, mosquitos and spiders may have allergic or venomous reactions that require medical attention.

At Physicians Immediate Care Center we are happy to help if you come across any skin rashes or lesions that you are concerned about. We are located at 243 Cheney Drive West and are open 7 days a week, 8am-7pm, no appointment necessary.